S.No.TitleWebinar PeriodWebinar FlyerWebinar Video
1Farm Bills 2020 : Understanding the Implications (26.9.20)26.09.2020ViewView
2Bioinformatic Analysis On Soil Microbial Community Sequence Data (12-13.8.20)12 & 13.08.2020View

View (12.8.20) View (13.8.20)

3From Mendelian Genetic to Modern Genomics (11.7.20)11.07.2020ViewView
4How to Accelerate Genetic Gains in Crop Improvement Programmes? (13.6.20)13.06.2020ViewView
5National Seed System and Policy Perspectives (23.5.20)23.5.2020ViewView
6Challenges and Prospects of Indian Agriculture: Post COVID-19 Scenario (16.5.20)16.05.2020ViewView