Statistics, Web resources and Research data management (Dr Rajendra Prasad)
Data sources for social science research (Dr Alka Singh)
Introduction to R software: Data structures and acquisition of data (Dr Dhandapani A)
Hands-on session on handling of time series data using R software (Dr Dhandapani A)
Conceptual and theoretical frameworks of demand models for agricultural commodities (Dr. Parmod Kumar)
Extraction of large (unit-level) data sets using STATA (Dr Nithyashree M L)
Application of commodity outlook models for agricultural commodities and policy simulations (Dr Shinoj P)
Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System data in Agricultural Research (Dr Vinay Kumar Sehgal)
Forecasting Techniques: An overview (Dr G K Jha)
Univariate time series models: ARIMA and (G)ARCH models (Dr G K Jha))
Future trading in agriculture and its impact on production and prices (Dr. Shanmugam V)
Multi-equation time series model (Dr Achal Lama)
Cointegration Analysis (Dr G K Jha)
Introduction to entrepreneurship and start-ups in Agriculture (Dr Sivaramane N)
Time Series Forecasting Prospects and Challenges (Dr Lalith Achoth)
Introduction to deep learning and Machine learning for crop yield prediction (Dr Pabitra Mitra)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques for classification in agriculture (Dr Manjunath C)