Inauguration Ceremony

Exploration & Germplasm Collection: Status, Priorities and Future Thrust

Practical: From Field to The Herbarium of Cultivated Plants: ‘The Hidden Garden of Plant Genetic Resources’

Avenues and Opportunities for PGR Utilization: and Industry Perspective

International and National Regulations Governing the use of PGR

PGR Informatics

PGR Management and Utilization: An Ethos of Indian Traditional Agriculture and Civilizations

Characterization and Evaluation of PGR

Role of ICAR-NBPGR in PGR Management

Germplasm Collecting: Logistics and Tactics

PGR – Conservation and Management

Introduction and Exchange of PGR

Plant Tissue Culture Interventions for Management of Plant Genetic Resources

Principles and Applications of Cryopreservation

Some Important Plant Resources from Western Ghats

Principles of Plant Quarantine and National Quarantine Setup in India

Quarantine Procedures for Exchange of PGR