Inauguration Ceremony

Food Nutrition and Health: How to Achieve Sustainable Development Goal by 2030

Practical: Gene expression analysis through quantitative Real-Time PCR

Proteomics approaches for elucidating the network associated with tolerance and nutrient density in wheat

Biofortification of Legume Crops  – Breeding Strategies for Nutritional Security

Practical: Differential Protein Profiling using SDS – Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis and 2-D PAGE

Functional Genomics: Strategies to Manipulate the Nutritional Quality of Grains for the Development of Climate-Smart Crop

Rancidity matrix – unfolding the story of Pearl Millet flour

Practical 3: Estimation of DNA methylation in a gene associated with isoflavone biosynthesis in soybean

Pearl Millet: The Gods Grain

Minor Millet: The Potential Substitute for Cereals

Nutriepigenomics : Elucidating the dynamics of nutrient and quality of grains

Evaluation of nutritional quality of wheat and barley :approaches and strategies

Practical: Estimation of beta-glucosidase activity for enhanced bioavailability of bioactives

Evening Talk (S4F) [Dr. R. Srinivasan, EX-PD, NIPB]

Phenomics – Past, Present and Future Perspective

Visit to Phenomics Facility, ICAR-IARI, New Delhi

Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition: Need of Hour

Practical: Estimation of Phytic acid content in soybean seeds

Mutagenesis for Crop Improvement

Application of Radioisotopes in Deciphering Ionome Interactions and Source-Sink Relationship in Plants

Starch-value addition by modifications:   A promise  to improve human nutrition

Practical: Method for green extraction of Vitamin-A from Carrot

Bioavailability of Macro and Micronutrient: Strategies and Approaches

Post-Harvest Technology and Processing : How to Use it for Doubling Income

Practical: Estimation of amylose and amylolytic activity in rice – Part 1

Practical: Estimation of amylose and amylolytic activity in rice – Part 2

Transcriptome: A powerful tools

Omega-3-fatty acid: Essential Contribution in Human Body

Use of Genomics for Decoding the Genes and Pathways Linked with Nutrient Density

Practical: Estimation of Enzymatic Lipid Hydrolysis in Pearl Millet

Valedictory Function