Inauguration Programme

Insect Genomics – An overview

Genomic sequencing: An Overview

Bioinformatic tools for whole genome sequencing – An introduction [ Lecture cum Demonstration]

RNA Isolation from Insects – Hands-on

Metagenomic approaches: An overview

Molecular phylogeny – Principles and practices

PCR – Real Time PCR

Gene Silencing and Genome Editing in Insect Pest Management

DNA Barcoding of insects – Principles and practices

House- Keeping Genes for Expression Analysis:- Insect Case Studies

Transcriptome Sequencing – Strategies and Approaches

Enzyme Kinetics – An Overview

Quantitative PCR – Principles and Practices

Genomic Basis of Nematode Parasitology

Molecular Markers for Entomological Research

RNAi Approaches for Pest Management

Plant-Parasitic Nematode Genomics: an Update

Valediction and Certificate distribution: CAAST Team