Role of Research in Evidence based Policy Making

An Introduction to R Software for Statistical Data Management and Analysis

An Introduction to STATA Software for Statistical Analysis

Synthesizing Evidence from the literature: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Understanding Impact Assessment: an Overview of Principles and Recent Methods

Sampling for Impact Assessment Studies

Advances in tools for data collection- CAPI, Telephone surveys

Assessing Impact through Macro-Economic Modelling Framework- CGE Approach

Analysing the impact of policies and technologies using quantitative tools - PSM and CEM

Double difference and Triple Difference Methods for assessing impact of technologies and policies

Policy evaluations with Synthetic Controls

Instrumental Variables and Endogenous Switching Regressions for Impact Assessment

Regression Adjustment, Inverse Probability Weighted Regression Adjustment for Impact Assessment

Ecosystem Service Valuation

Designing and Implementing Randomized Control Trials

Using Discontinuity as natural Experiment- Regression Discontinuity Design

Application of Psychometrics for Behavioural Research

Behavioural Economics for Policy Advocacy

Qualitative Techniques useful for Impact Studies (Thematic Analysis/ Content Analysis)